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am meisten angesehen
Fin22892 x angesehenThanks to all the team members and people who made this incredible expedition possible AND a SUCCESS.
Especially We want to thank Martin Sessions for his great leadership and guidance on this Expedition - we have learned a lot and hope we will see you all again.
Welcome again to Patagonia you are , mates - FRIENDS.
Back at the ship direction Pto Yungai.21379 x angesehenThe Huemules got us - and brought us safely over a disturbingly shaky Golfo de Penas
Peter our indispensable captain21354 x angesehenThank you Peter, should you ever read this, please get in contact with us, we lost your email ;(
Cochrane20826 x angesehenMartin, Garth, Steph and Olaf in front of Cafe Nirrantal
Washington and T&T20717 x angesehenWashington brought us back to Coyhaique, Graham transported the gear
Huemules arrives Port Yungai20664 x angesehendownloading all the gear
Find the overgrown point20259 x angesehenAt Punta Blanca we searched with modern equipment but without result for an old JSE1 observation point.
Shuttling to Abra Kelly20227 x angesehenThe Garbage ducky ( in the two meanings) and the 43 year old foldable kayak from Wismar, Libelle - all made it safely into Abra Kelly camp.
Si Wagen - Camera man19736 x angesehenSi together with Stephen Tottingham (sorry no pic) who did an excellent job on the sound under difficult conditions, they made this film happen as well - if not!
Nicolas Brown - BBC Director17908 x angesehenwithout words
Haji Ruslan shows the target17622 x angesehenOur dear guide Haji Ruslan points out the way where we need to go
16292 x angesehen
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