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Hostal Latitud 47°Sur Cochrane


Hostal Latitud 47° Sur in Cochrane, the place to stay if you wish excellent service and information

18 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 14.September 2007

Familia Villagran


The Family lives and works at the Peninsula Levican

7 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 16.September 2007

Baqueanos de la Patagonia


If you ever plan to do things like horsetrekking, from halfday trips to multiday excursion, you MUST meet the Baqueanos. They have the friendliest horses around. Well, horsetrekking around the Cerro Castillo is must-do for your trip to Patagonia, Chile.

5 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 12.September 2007

Albergue Campo Alacaluf


Katrin and Thomas are our Service Partners in the Exploradores valley. From their Albergue, one can go visit the Exploradores Glacier, the Lago Bayo, see the Cerro San Valentin o San Clemente, check out the rainforest, or even arrange for a trip to the Laguna San Rafael with us.

14 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 23.September 2007

Cristian Donoso


6 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 13.September 2007

La Casona


The hostal "La Casona" is our preferred place close to Cerro Castillo. The service is good, there is always loads of food, and the owner , Sra Marisol, is always helpful

9 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 20.September 2007

The Patagonia Logistics Company

0 Dateien

Hosteria Villa O Higgins


A place to relax after a long drive on the Carretera Austral Sur, close to Lago O'Higgins. The owner will organize tours and make your stay comfortable. A place to rely on....

7 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 13.September 2007



13 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 01.September 2007


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Zufalls-Bilder - Service Partner
LivingA spacious living, and there even is a TV
BedroomThe bedrooms are clean.
Well, this pic says it all. Experience the incredible beauty of a close-up view of Cerro Castillo
KitchenSra. Marisol loves to cook, and her guests much to often like her meals so much that they barely can wait when food is ready.
Wood ovenThe old kitchen stove works with firewood, same like in the old times.
FernA fern in the rainforest around the Albergue
Thomas - your host in Campo AlacalufThomas Poppitz is your guide and best man in the Exploradores Valley, he will fill you up with a wealth of information about the valley, its attractions and the plant and animal life to find there.
Visit of Michael Brown in the hostalMichael , a famous mountaineer and action/adventure filmmaker of SeracFilms, liked it very much in the Hostal

neueste Dateien - Service Partner
Panorama Glaciar ExploradoresOn the left, one can see the side moraine- this is one way to enter the glacier. To find the start of the trail leading to the side moraine, search on the Southern side of the road about 15m before (or to the East of) the bridge over the Rio de Deshielos (coming from the glacier), there is one small drop after 5 mins of the trail, use a rope 20m and secure to the trees, if you are unsure. 23.September 2007
Laguna Katrin and Cerro CaballoClose to the Albergue one finds this pretty lagoon, paddling in the afternoon with Cerro Caballo in sight would be fun.23.September 2007
Looking towards San ClementeSan Clemente is the second highest mountain of the region, just a tiny bit smaller than its very close neighbor Monte San Valentin23.September 2007
Lago BayoThis lake has few fish inside23.September 2007
Glacier ExploradoresThe glacier is retreating slowly....23.September 2007
Room with two beds23.September 2007
MatrimonialMatrimonial - has own bathroom23.September 2007
ArtesaniaHandicraft from Pto Ing. Ibañez, Sra Marisol also makes and sells her own wollen hats, very warm.20.September 2007

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