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Galerie > References - Referenzen > Sector Lago O'Higgins - 2003/2004

Lago O'Higgins 2003-2004


We have spent more than 350km in an Avon Inflatable Boat and on foot to explore the lake and its surroundings. Here are some of the pics...

29 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 14.September 2007


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Zufalls-Bilder - Sector Lago O'Higgins - 2003/2004
Seracs and a little boatEvery expedition has its magic moments. Driving on the side of a massive glacier front made us think how small we seem, and are.
Huemul is watchingHuemules are endangered species. This huemul lives where a big company plans to build some mega dams soon. Its terretory wil then be flooded. Unfortunately, huemuls are "analphabets" and can't defend themselves. It needs the patronage of mankind to survive!
Cerros Steffen / Kruegerfrom the Northern part of the lake, you have enormous possibilities to explore beautiful mountain terrain
Santa LuciaThis place would have been the optimum basecamp...
Salto Rio PascuaWhere the lake ends on its northern leg, the Rio Pascua is born and falls down in an impressive Salto. Soon, there will be a dam here. Come and see before this happens!
Our trusty boat "Amparo"Amparo protected us well from the winds, waves and wet elements. She is a pure gem...
Crossing creek Number 459We do have a lot of rivers and creeks here, good technique helps crossing without dangers

neueste Dateien - Sector Lago O'Higgins - 2003/2004
Mystery in El MansoThis place needs exploring. What is behind the next ridge?14.September 2007
Avon on Lago O HigginsDriving Amparo home after a long journey around the Lake.14.September 2007
View to the Southern Icecape14.September 2007
Fauna - CaiquénAnother one of those beautiful geese14.September 2007
Toto Arratia - Villa O'HigginsChilean Mountain Guide - Local Expert - Capitán - Gran Amigo : Gracias por ir juntos a este viaje!14.September 2007
Campsite Valle Rio VentisquieroA soft floor is important after a long days trek14.September 2007
Creek #213Another "wash your feet" event. Once we had to walk one day, just go around an unpassable river. Next nights camping was 50m from last nights one, but on the opposite river bank.14.September 2007
Our trusty boat "Amparo"Amparo protected us well from the winds, waves and wet elements. She is a pure gem...14.September 2007

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