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Bunte Mischung - Colorful Mix


This is our Region Aysén in pictures, well some of it. If you want to see this and much more, please come and visit. We are happy to organize photography expeditions or tours in Patagonia and Chile...

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Curanto is a tradition which comes from the Isla Grande de Chiloe, X Region de los Lagos. The Chilotes "steam-cook" various seafood (shells) in the ground, without the need for a pot. We want to thank the host of this Curanto, Sr. Eduardo Casanova of Coyhaique, for letting us participate and taking photos of this very special event- Gracias Don Eduardo, muy rico fue tu Curanto!

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Cavernas de Marmol - Marble Caverns


The Marble Caverns, famous rock formations at the shores of Lago General Carrera

7 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 21.September 2007

Laguna San Rafael


One of the regions more wellknown attraction, the San Rafael Glacier pushes its ice masses right into the sea at the Laguna San Rafael

6 Dateien, letzte Aktualisierung am 21.September 2007

Cerro Castillo


The Mountains which look like a castle - close to Coyhaique and a good place for many activities...

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Zufalls-Bilder - Region Aysén
Rio Norte Exploradores Valley, km 42This place we got to know first time when we crossed over from Leones lake to Bayo Lake in 1997. We had to swim the cold river, and walk another 5km to reach the road.
Marble CavernsThe marble shows a fine structure, if you go closer..
Levican Puerto ReyPeninsula Levican, the new ramp for ferry ships to Chile Chico and other destinations at Lago General Carrera. Will it one day be possible to go directly to Argenina from this place????
Salton Rio Baker or San CarlosWell, this picture can probably only be taken like this during the following summer, since later there might be a 40m high dam here
GoatsGoats are more typical for the dryer areas of the Region
Play with the lightSun, clouds and shadow of a mountain spire
Passage of Lucas BridgesThe trail is still in good shape, and needs only minor repairs. Close to here, a big dam is proposed to be built by a company called HidroAysen S.A.
GuanacosGuanacos close to the Border crossing of "Paso Pallavichini".

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