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ColibriVentura´s "Basecamp" is to be found in South America, more specifically in Chile.

For the HAMs under you, the QTH is FE34XG
If you Click at Chile (the reddish area) in the following map, a map of our Region will be displayed , in reference to a Chilean map. So please "zoom in". If you click at another area of the following map then the Chilean one, a new window/tab opens, and you see a bigger map of South America (128kB).

Chile in South America Chile in South America- bigger map(128kB)

We are living in the XIth Region de Aysén del General Carlos Ibañez del Campo, this is how our area is officially called.
Because over short or long we will get two new regions inside the numbering system, and those numbers will change, one could also - since we love to call ourselves Patagonians - call our region Aysé de la Patagonia...

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Published on: Saturday, July 21 2007 (18718 reads)

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